Cooking Over an Open Fire

Our stove has been going through gas fairly quickly, but the last 25 lb canister ran out in just 10 days . . . and I wasn’t cooking for most of them, due to work! We figured something must be wrong and stopped using the stove while we figured it out.

open fire cooking

Since the gas ran out in the middle of making chicken soup, we borrowed the grill from Irving’s dad and finished the soup up on there. Since then, we have been cooking on the grill for bigger meals, including breakfast and dinner today. I haven’t done a lot of cooking over a fire in some time, but it is kind of fun.

For breakfast, we had beans (cooked in the crock pot) with onions, sausage and eggs. It was delightful! Even the boys decided they liked beans this way!

campfire cooking


For dinner, we enjoyed some grilled chorizos with soba noodles and a salad. Yum! Everything has a lovely smoky flavor to it, which adds a lot to the meal.

Irving and his brother took apart the stove today and cleaned it all out and replaced the hose and attachment. So our stove is working again, but we’ll keep cooking on an open fire for a while, because it’s a lot of fun.

Mouse Patrol

We’ve been dealing with mice issues for a while now and have tried everything. They keep coming back and I’m sick of it. So we decided that we would get a cat to help with the population control.

I posted on Facebook to see if anyone knew of any kittens or cats and we discovered a couple of shelters in the area, as well as a friend of a friend who had a litter of kittens ready for homes. We ended up going to check out the litter and making a new friend in the process! The kittens were adorable and in the end, we came home with not one, but two.

Meet Macroft . . .


And Tina Sometimes.

Tina sometimes

These little critters are a lot of fun. Everyone enjoys them, but no one more than Dominic.


He loves on them as much as they let him, hugging them, kissing them and holding them while he watches a movie or reads a book. If he could, he would snuggle kittens all day long! They aren’t interested in that, though, so have found some hiding spots where they can enjoy a little peace and quiet. They are very patient with their two year old fan, though!

While they’re still kind of small to be catching mice, the kittens do hunt spiders and have killed a few big ones already. They also hunt Minecraft blocks, popcorn and bits of paper. They litter trained almost immediately, which was nice. In short, these little guys are settling in very nicely around here.

5 Reasons I Love the Rainy Season in Guatemala

rainy season

A lot of people complain about the rain around here. While I certainly don’t like it coming into the house, now that we have the roof patched up and the concrete and drains outside, it’s pretty darn nice! Here are five reasons I love the rainy season.

1. It’s not all day. When I lived on the West Coast of Canada, the rainy season meant rain all day, every day. Yuck. It was dreary and damp. Not in Guatemala! You get intense sun all morning most days, with clouds coming in just after lunch, then a downpour in the afternoon and often steady rain throughout the night.

2. Kids sleep like rocks. When it is raining at night, the rain on the tin roof makes a lot of racket. While that’s bad for watching TV, it means the boys fall asleep fast and sleep very soundly. So do I, for that matter!

3. It cools down. The mornings are hot enough that the refreshing rain in the afternoon is a blessed relief. It feels SO good when the cool air sweeps through the house.

4. It’s green! Everything turns green during the rainy season. Everything grows like crazy, too. Our path quickly becomes a jungle if we don’t keep it trimmed, but it’s nice to see so much greenness everywhere.

5. It’s clean. The rain washes away the sawdust that has been caught in the cobblestones since Semana Santa. It scrubs sidewalks of dog poop and dirt. It washes down the walls and clears roofs of debris. In short, everything is sparkling after a rainfall!

What’s your favorite part of the rainy season?

Preventing Dengue

It’s the rainy season in Guatemala and that means dengue is on the rise. This is a very unpleasant disease that is spread by mosquitoes, so the primary method of preventing it is to keep mosquitoes at bay. That’s harder than it sounds!

Every rainy season, alerts go out in the papers and on the news to remind people that they have to be careful. Bug repellent seems to be completely unused here, so the towns send out fumigators to spray around properties and eliminate bugs. They also give out little bags to put in the pila. I have no idea what is in these and haven’t used them, though my MIL once dropped one in my pila. I fished it out and tossed it, since I didn’t want chemicals in the water we used to wash our dishes.

There is a fine line between not wanting chemicals around my kids and not wanting them to get dengue, so we take steps to prevent mosquitoes as much as possible. These include:

- Emptying any water in basins, pilas, etc. every couple of days.
- Removing or turning over anything that might catch water, like tires, cup-like toys or containers outside, etc.
- Draining puddles that form during storms.

We also use Raid laminitas that plug into the wall outlets. I don’t like to use these, but on evenings when there are dozens of mosquitoes hanging around, we pull them out. Night seems to be the worst for mosquitoes, so we close everything up (all doors and windows are open during the day to let air in) before dark to keep most of the bugs outside.

What do you do to prevent mosquitoes?

It’s All About the Ebooks

I’ve been missing in action lately because I’ve been working a lot. This is a good thing, of course! I normally write articles for clients, but lately, I’ve been picking up a lot of ebook jobs. These are usually fairly short ebooks, so I can turn them out in a few days, which is nice.

Since there is so much work, though, I’ve been all but nonexistent online. No blogging, very little Facebooking and nothing done on my own books. I definitely need to find some balance here.

And now, I’m off to work up an outline on my latest project and reply to emails that have been wasting away in my inbox. I’ll try to keep up here, too!

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 84

Dante: “I opened this bottle that says to push on the lid. But it just went click, click, click, so I pushed really hard and twisted and the lid came off.”
Me: “So much for childproof.”
Dante: “What’s childproof?”
Me: “It means kids can’t get into it.”
Dante: “Well, I opened it. How does that make you feel?”
Me: getting ready to get back to work after a break “Alright!”
Dorian: “Alright what?”
Me: “I’m getting back to work.”
Dorian: “THAT is your alright situation?”
Dora the Explorer: “Diga ‘Open the door!’”
Dominic: “Open it the door!”
Dorian: “When I say no to Dominic and he says, ‘Pleeeeeeease!’ I just can’t handle the cuteness and I have to give him what he wants.”
Dorian: “I maked a Minecraft cart.”
Me: “Made.”
Dorian: “Why made?”
Me: “Because it’s in the past and an irregular verb, the correct form is made.”
Dorian: “The past is like . . . the 90′s or the 70′s, not now!”
Dorian and Dante were running around the couch for a good 10 minutes.
Dorian: “Doesn’t this kid EVER get tired?”

Funny Animals

My parents have a small hobby farm where they keep ducks, chickens, a pig and some goats. Since we can’t be there to hang with the animals, they send the kids photos of the chicks as they grow and the other animals, as well as videos of the goat kids doing silly stuff like climbing on the pig. The boys LOVE these and it has gotten to the point where if I show them an animal picture or video, they assume it’s from Gramma and Grampa.

The other day, I found this video on Facebook and showed it to the boys. Their reaction? “WHOA! Gramma and Grampa got a LOT of baby goats! I hope they don’t all jump on the pig!”

This is now one of their favorites and is guaranteed to make them laugh every time. Even if it isn’t one that their grandparents sent. :)

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 83

Dominic: “HELP! Mama, help!”
Me: “What’s wrong?”
Dominic: “Help me!” Points to a loose thread hanging from his sleeve.
Dominic: “Mama, come on.” Pulling on my sleeve and pointing at the blocks.
Me: “I’m not picking those up. You guys made the mess, you can pick it up.”
Dominic: “Hey, boys! Come pick up the blocks!”
Dominic was bugging his brothers, grabbing their stuff and pulling on things.
Me: “Dominic, stop. That’s enough!”
Dominic: “I’m not doing ANYTHING!”
Dorian: “Huh, this game is in Spanish. Good thing we understand a little Spanish!”
Me: “A little? You speak it all the time!”
Me: “Why didn’t you let your brother have a turn?”
Dorian: “I did, but I told him what to pick and he wouldn’t listen, so now it’s my turn again.”
Dominic: “La nose is on your body.”
Dorian and Dominic were playing ball.
Dominic: throwing his hands in the air “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Yeah! Mine goal!”
Dorian: “Hmm, what Minecraft video should we watch?”
Dominic: “Zombie ‘pacalypse.”

Family Movie Night: Wall-E

I have been wanting to do something as a family that doesn’t involve spending much money. While visits to the park are nice and free, I wanted more fun factor. On a forum that I frequent, there was a discussion of movie nights with themed food and it was such a cool idea that we decided to make it happen.

I chose Wall-E for the first movie night. We hadn’t watched it since Dante was about 3 or 4, so it was a good choice. Plus, Dominic is really into robots at the moment.

To begin, I made some tickets for the movie night, based on the tickets found here.

wall-E movie night tickets

We colored some planets and made a planet mobile and we cut out some Wall-E glasses that I printed from this site. The boys loved them!

wall-e movie night glasses

Finally, there was food. It was all Wall-E themed!

The menu:

wall-e movie night menu

The table (I used metallic twist paper to give it a space age feel and cut out stars from colored paper, it wasn’t too fancy, but it used what I had on hand):

I made meatloaf in a brownie pan to get the cubes. Surprisingly, everyone liked them, except Dorian!

meatloaf trash cubes

We also had a Build-Your-Own-Robot Salad, where I cut some veggies into squares and rectangles of varying sizes and everyone got to build their own robot with them. You can see Dante’s robot here and the cubed potatoes.

wall-e movie night menu

And finally, Galactic Jello for dessert! This was MUCH anticipated by the kids. They saw me making it and were dying to try it. I got the idea from this awesome Dr. Who galaxy Jello, but I didn’t have many of the things she did, including blue Jello. I used pink Jello with blue food coloring to give it that darkness and added an assortment of sprinkles. I didn’t have stars, so I put snowflakes in and they worked fine. Unfortunately, most of the sprinkles in the middle dissolved and there was weird sugary liquid seeping everywhere when I cut into the dessert . . . but the kids didn’t care!

galactic Jello

Overall, the first family movie night was a big hit. We’ll be doing more, for sure, but I need to plan out the movies in advance so I can make sure to include the proper ingredients in our monthly shopping. It was hard to find something that we had the ingredients for!

The Robots

Dominic is finally starting to draw pictures that actually look like something. He works very hard on this every day and the other day, he brought me a drawing and told me that he’d drawn robots. And sure enough!

They might not be the most amazing robots ever, but they do look like something, as opposed to random scribbles.